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Earn money just by listening to songs on PlayListPush!

These days everyone’s stress level is increasing. People have so much work pressure that they just relax while listening to songs or taking a walk. What if we told you that is offering a service in which you can get paid for listening to music? is an online website that is offering its users to earn while they are listening to songs, upload their own made songs, and earn by letting people listen to those amazing songs. Incredible, isn’t it?

How to apply for a campaign?

Well applying for a campaign is very easy, you just need to login onto, and enter your correct information. After completing the information just click on the create campaign button at the bottom. This will let you enter your songs on and be a member of the artist campaign.

How much you can earn through

Well, there are several different packages for several different creators, on They have options available for different creators of TikTok, Spotify, and your songs. You just need to login in to Once you’re a member of, Playlist curators can make anywhere from $1 to USD 15 for each song they review. What is its finest feature? You select the genres that complement your playlist when you sign up, and only music from those genres is sent to you for review. Get paid for your playlists right away!

Is legit?

In a world of so many opportunities, there are many frauds online who will tell you that you will get paid for this but in the end, you won’t. but in this case, is 100% legit and streams are 100% organic. also has good communication and service for its curator and creators. The bad part is that you need to be very good to be a part of uploading your song on to start earning on your songs.

Are bots available on

Well, many websites have bots circulating the website offering fake reviews, a bit on people are 100% real and the comments and reviews are all original. is working so hard, that they have a 2-factor authentication system that will confirm your identity and that you’re not a robot or bot trying to give fake reviews.

How long does it take for to pay me?

Once you fill out a request form for payout, will forward your request to the accounts department, four business days after the payout is made, it will appear in your account. For instance, if you ask for a payout on Monday, you will get it by Friday at 5 PM Pacific Time.

This is how you can log in to and start earning up to $250 per video and as many songs, as you can listen to in one day, one song will pay you $12. Now, this can be your side hustle! Isn’t it?

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