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Earn Thousands of Dollars by Simply Uploading Snaps on Snapchat

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These days, social media is a part of our daily life. Businesses have undergone a change thanks to social media. On social media sites, people may now effortlessly interact with their prospects and earn money.

In terms of earning money online, Snapchat has a lot of potential. However, not everyone is aware of how to profit from this big customer base to make quick money online.

How to make money using Snapchat and Foap?

Step 1: take a picture on Snapchat

Step 2: Use Foap and create an account

Step 3: Upload your images and the brands will pay you to use the images

What is Foap used for?

Foap is a website where you may sell internet films or photos. You can sell your artwork here if people are interested. It might be a consistent user, some agencies, or many brands. Normally, a photo on Foap costs $10, however since they take a 50% cut, you only get $5.

Which is the best site to sell photos?

You must register and download the app from Google Play or Apple iTunes before you can use Foap. You can do this through your Facebook profile or email. There is a web page where you can purchase photos on your own as well.

Foap has consistently been a very successful site for amateur photographers looking to make some money. Since it’s challenging to sell more than a few photographs after two months of work, I don’t think it needs to be the sole way to make money via your photography.

Is Foap worth it?

A 50% commission is offered by Foap. This is advantageous for you because the platform sells your works without your involvement. These terms are superior to what the bulk of other online photo sales software provide.

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